It has been a truly magnificent summer - endless days of sunshine and warm weather.  Our poor farmers are suffering of course and are praying for rain, but for tourists and tourist operators it has been a glorious few months.  Our beautiful weather looks like continuing in autumn and here in Kaikoura some amazing marine mammals have been continuing to make appearances.  We had a large group of lively Dusky Dolphins just out from The Factory yesterday morning as well as our cute resident Hector's Dolphins.  The Hector's Dolphin is one of the world's smallest dolphins and the only one endemic to New Zealand.  They are quite easy to spot in the water because their dorsal fin looks like Mickey Mouse's ear.  Most days you can walk over to the beach and they will make an appearance particularly if you sing to them - they love it - and will swim right into the first wave to check you out.

Yesterday the lucky people on Whale Watch saw what they think was a rare Fin Whale to add to the collection of amazing marine life spotted here off our coast.

Long may this weather continue with perhaps an occasional day of heavy rain to keep things growing! There is beauty to be seen even when it is dry as seen in some of Paul's photos below.

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