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Why You SHOULD visit Kaikoura (despite the earthquake)!

At 3 minutes past midnight on November 11th 2016 we were woken with the most extreme earthquake I have ever experienced – we could only cling to the bed for a very long two minutes as the house sounded as if it was shaking itself to pieces.
As soon as we were able, we picked our way over all our contents strewn around the floor, scrambled to find our car keys by the light of the moon and drove up Factory Road to Hapuku School with the concern that a tsunami might be about to hit at any time.
There we found our neighbours, thankfully all accounted for, and endured countless aftershocks and swapped tales of narrow escapes while waiting for dawn and the all-clear to go back to our homes.
At this time, having seen the cracks in the road, felt the power of the shaking and heard the noise, none of us thought we would have houses left, so it was with some shock that we found The Factory still standing and habitable, albeit covered in debris and fallen furniture.
The days after the earthquake were bleak with the realisation that life as we knew it would never be the same. As we cleaned up, took stock of our losses, processed all our cancelled bookings and came to terms with the fact that all our roads were damaged beyond immediate repair, it seemed as if we would be faced with having to give up our business and start again.
Gradually though, we have begun to appreciate the awesomeness of the changes wrought by the earthquake. Having thrust this area up more than a metre, our beautiful, wild Hapuku Beach is now greatly enhanced with a brand new shore-line. Travelling to South Bay there are rocks never previously seen, standing up at high tide. The esplanade too, seems so different with new reefs and pools and miraculously, a new safe surf-break ideal for learners right in the middle of town! When walking around The Peninsula you always had to be aware of the tides, now we can walk freely on the shore at all tides.
In the months since the earthquake, Kaikoura and its community has undergone much in terms of change and loss. There is still a long, long way to go, but emerging from all this is now a feeling of hope for the future amid the continued disbelief in the power of nature.
There has been a lot written about the effects of the earthquake – click on the links below if you want to find out more – but there are many, many reasons why you should come and see these changes for yourself. Kaikoura is still here, still magnificent and well worth a visit even if it takes a little longer to get here!
Here’s why you should visit Kaikoura and stay at The Factory:
Experience all the incredible activities still operating in Kaikoura
Walk on the newest coastline in the world
See Geography in action
Meet the friendly locals
Find the unexpected
Learn about some important archaeological findings uncovered by the earthquake
See Kaikoura’s new attraction – Hope Springs
Experience the world’s newest possible Geopark
Book after December 15 and be one of the first on the new highway north
• Meet some of the friendliest people in the world - prepare yourself for the waves and smiles from our friendly road workers as you travel to Kaikoura.