The Wildlife at The Factory Kaikoura B&B

Wildlife abounds at The Factory, Kaikoura B&B!

This part of the Kaikoura coast is home to the rare Hector’s dolphins.  The distinctive grey dolphin with black and white markings and a round dorsal fin (like a Mickey Mouse ear) is only found in New Zealand waters and then only in certain spots around the coast. It is one of the smallest dolphins in the world and is considered endangered.  They often come very close to the shore to investigate you, especially if you sing or whistle and will sometimes follow your progress along the beach as you go for a walk.

The Hector’s dolphins are usually in very small family groups but sometimes you will also see huge groups of very athletic dolphins just offshore from the beach across the road from The Factory, Kaikoura B&B. These are dusky dolphins – they are bluish-black in colour on the back, and tail and white on the underside of their body. They are reputed to be amongst the most acrobatic of the dolphin species and it is breath-taking to stand on the shore and watch their spectacular leaps, jumps, side-slaps and back flips.

New Zealand fur seals are commonly seen on the beach too – often coming ashore to rest after fishing all day and even the odd leopard seal has been spotted sunning itself on the black sand.

There is always wild excitement when orcas are spotted from the beach.  They live and hunt together in family groups and they often come close to shore to catch sting rays and small sharks.

Whales have been seen very occasionally from the shore particularly when the humpbacks are migrating.

Of course you can get up close and personal with all these marine mammals if you book with one of the tour operators in Kaikoura – Whale Watch, Dolphin Encounter, Seal Swim or Kaikoura Kayaks, Wings Over Whales, Kaikoura Helicopters or South Pacific Helicopters.

Birdlife is also prolific at The Factory, Kaikoura B&B with lots of seabirds and native birds on the beach and in the garden. Tui and Bellbirds are regularly seen and heard, particularly in spring when the flax flowers are out.  There are resident Kereru (native pigeons) that swoop through the trees and occasional sightings of kingfishers, falcons and finches.  Kaikoura has one of the greatest numbers of different types of seabirds within a small area than anywhere along the New Zealand Coastline. To experience the majestic albatross, endangered Hutton’s shearwaters, Petrels and other seabirds Albatross Encounter has daily tours where you will get to see the most amazing birdlife up close. There have been sightings of five varieties of Great Albatross, nine varieties of Lesser Albatross (mollymawks), seven varieties of Shearwaters, fourteen varieties of petrel and other seabirds such as shags, prions, penguins, gulls and terns.

Of course there is the domestic wildlife to keep you entertained at The Factory, Kaikoura B&B, - Poppy the chicken and Arthur and Martha – the visiting wild ducks.  

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Up close with the dolphins, Kaikoura

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