The View at The Factory B&B Kaikoura NZ

If you are looking for a B&B in Kaikoura New Zealand that has a spectacular view, then The Factory should definitely be on your list.

The Factory is in Hapuku just north of Kaikoura where the Seaward Kaikoura Range rises almost directly out of the sea.  From The Factory B&B, Kaikoura, NZ, you can look straight onto Manakau, the highest mountain in the range at 2608m above sea level.  For most of the year these mountains are snow-covered and often, even in the summer, a southerly change can reveal a new dusting of snow when the sun comes up. At sunset it is an impressive sight when the top of Manakau glows pink with the last of the rays of the day. Just across the road from The Factory B&B, Kaikoura, NZ, is the Pacific Ocean. Standing on Hapuku Beach and admiring the mountains towering above is a surreal experience.

The beach itself is wild and ever-changing.  It can be almost all sand one day and covered in rocks the next.  There are always treasures to be found particularly if you are looking for interesting stones and rocks.  The Factory B&B, Kaikoura, New Zealand has an impressive collection of heart-shaped rocks of all shapes, sizes and colours collected from over the road.

Even at night the view from The Factory is amazing with the incredible night sky shining without interference from city lights.  Satellites can often be spotted and you can always make a wish upon a falling star!

The view from The Factory B&B, Kaikoura, New Zealand is always changing with the weather but always spectacular from every direction.

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